1. Do I need to speak Chinese in order to attend the Taiwan course?

Yes. The Taiwan course is a bilingual class. The ability to speak and understand Chinese is a prerequisite for attending this course. All of the onsite lectures, tutoring and lab instruction will be in Chinese. 

2. Do I need to be able to read Chinese to attend the Taiwan course?

No. As mentioned above, the onsite lectures, labs and tutoring are provided only in Chinese. However, the online lectures (with English and Chinese subtitles), presentation slides, lecture handouts and final written exam are in English.

3. Can I take all 5 sessions in Taiwan?

Yes, Chi Taiwan now offers all sessions of the Chi Institute's Certified Veterinary CE Acupuncture Course.

4. Do you help arrange travel booking?

You are responsible for making your own travel arrangements for getting to and from New Taipei City, Taiwan as well as necessary accommodations during your trip (hotel, daily transportation to and from class). For hotel recommendations please see the Location and Accommodations area on the Overview Page.For any questions or assistance, please contact  Chi Taiwan Director, Dr. Hanwen Cheng by Email:; or by Phone: 886-916908646 or 886-910335180.

3. Can I take all 5 sessions in Taiwan?

No. Chi Taiwan is one of the options for students to finish their CVA certification process, after completing the first two session equivalents at the Small Animal Acupuncture course in Guangzhou, China, or other class that offers the same equivalency. As such, Chi Taiwan offers Sessions 3-5 of the Chi Institute's Basic Acupuncture Program.

5. Is the curriculum the same as other Chi locations?

Yes. Although Session 4 at other Chi locations is entirely on-site and is both on-site and online in Taiwan, the curriculum is the same. The only difference is the format in which the class is presented.