Instructors prepare food with students for a Veterinary Food Therapy lab.

Old Dog Jing Tonic Cookies, made with oats and lycium berries, are popular with humans and animals alike.

Course Syllabus

The Food Therapy course is offered both as an on-site and an online class.  The on-site class is held over a 3.5-day period on the Chi Campus.  The online class is available for on-demand streaming over a four-month period.  Courses are split into lectures, which cover the principles and treatment modalities of food therapy, and labs, where students can watch and participate in food prep in a full kitchen.

A rough on-site course syllabus is given below (note that online students have access to these same lectures and labs on the web):

 Mornings (8:30-12:30)
Afternoons (2:00-6:00)
 Day 1

 Goals and Overview
 Introduction to Food Therapy

 Food Therapy for GI, Liver, and Endocrine Disorders
 Day 2
 Tai-ji/Qi-gong  Food Therapy for Bi and Wei Syndromes
 Food Therapy for Geriatric and Pediatric Patients
 Food Therapy for Skin Disease and Cancer Patients
 Food Therapy Lab
 Day 3
 Tai-ji/Qi-gong  How to make Food Therapy recipes scientifically sound  Food Therapy Lab
 Day 4
 Tai-ji/Qi-gong  Equine Food Therapy Mini Trial
 Food Therapy for Horses
 Food Therapy for Lung Problems
 Final review of Food Therapy
 Class ends 12:30pm

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