Associate Wanted


Location: Blacksburg, VA                                                                                                                                                                                              Date Posted: 2/23/2021
Contact: Dr. Marge Lewter,

Associate wanted for growing Holistic Veterinary Consultants in beautiful Blacksburg, VA. Here is your opportunity to mentor with an experienced veterinarian, practice in a low stress environment, and stay on the cutting edge of medicine. We are minutes away from a veterinary college and a 24-hour emergency clinic for referrals. Our specialty is what they do not offer: acupuncture, botanical medicines, in-depth nutrition counseling, nutraceuticals, conventional outpatient care, ozone therapy, hospice and palliative care. We provide health care with a holistic approach for dogs, cats, and farm animals. There is potential to build up the equine business and to add chiropractic care to the practice. Part time employment to start is available, with potential progression to full time.

Contact Dr. Marge Lewter, for inquiries and a visit to Blacksburg!



Seeking Long-term Associate or Partnership Veterinarian


Location: Warrenton, VA                                                                                                                                                                                                    Date Posted: 2/18/2021

True North Equine Veterinary Services is looking to add a third veterinarian for a long-term associate or partnership position.  We are an ambulatory equine practice in Northern Virginia with a unique set of values and skills.  We believe in building long term positive relationships with our clients and their horses.  We don’t want to fix the horse for the next show, but help the horse and owner develop a meaningful partnership and create longevity within that partnership.  Relationships with our clients are important.   Anyone coming on board needs to like one-on-one time with people as much as they want to work with animals.  

A big part of our practice is integrative medicine.  We all have our special strengths and skills and we try to blend these together, along with other horse health care professionals on staff and in our area to offer all aspects of horse care.  From saddle fit, to shoeing and trimming, to nutrition, to body work and osteopathy, to general health care and preventative healthcare needs, we use a team approach to do what is best for the individual horse and rider combination. We are in an area that is densely populated with horses and veterinarians, so we have many clients for which we do all of their veterinary work, and many that have us do their osteopathy and holistic work and then use another practice for general medicine and emergencies.  For that reason, emergency work is minimal – maybe 1-2 calls per week for the practice, and this is split up.  This means a better quality of life and work-life -balance for all the vets on staff.

Salary is competitive and will be higher for a more experienced veterinarian than a new graduate.  Mentoring is possible, but any person taking this position must be willing to start seeing cases on their own within a month or two of joining the practice.  Older, more experienced applicants preferred, especially if someone has a special interest that they would like to pursue along with doing some shared routine work. 

The employee would have access to digital radiology, ultrasound, endoscopes, power dentistry, Class 4 laser, lameness locator, mobile ECG monitoring and Pro-Stride system as well as equipped veterinary vehicle and shared technician.  Employees work 4 days a week, 9-5 pm, and would be on call 1-2 evenings a week and 1-2 weekends per month.  Benefits would include health insurance, HSA, disability insurance, continuing education, professional dues, licenses and liability insurance. 

Please send resume and cover letter to to inquire about position. Please feel free to check out our practice at